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Circle Dev supports the development of your Sustainability Strategy

Awareness-raising & Alignment

Before embarking on a sustainable development strategy for your organisation, it is important to ensure that the key decision-makers are on the same wavelength. If we want to move forward effectively, everyone needs to be convinced of the merits of a sustainable approach. This helps to avoid resistance and blockages. 

Circle Dev organises diverse “Frescos” (climate, planetary boundaries, CSR), “The Week” workshops, and other tailor-made conferences and awareness-raising workshops. At the end of one of these exercises, your team will be on board, ready to start and support a winning sustainable strategy together. 

"Climate Fresk" workshop

climate fresk

The “Climate Fresk” is a 3-hour workshop that harnesses the collective intelligence of 5 to 14 participants to raise awareness of climate change. Its fun and educational approach enables all audiences to get to grips with the subject of climate change. During the workshop, participants link cause and effect and take a global view of climate change issues. 

The climate Fresco is a neutral and objective tool. It is based on data from the scientific reports of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), whose recommendations guide political and economic decisions on a global scale. 

Without making people feel guilty, the fresco engages your team in a constructive exchange through a shared understanding of the mechanisms at work. At the end of the workshop, participants are motivated and equipped to take action at their own level.

The “Climate Fresk” workshop is available in English, French and Dutch. 


"Planetary Boundaries Fresco" workshop

Planet boundaries fresco

Climate, biodiversity, pollution, the water cycle, ocean acidification… Environmental issues are not limited to climate alone. There are many of them, and there is plenty to lose track of. Nine processes have been identified by scientists as having limits that need to be monitored, because together they call into question the stability of the biosphere: these are the planetary boundaries.
This fresco offers participants a chance to step back. The workshop will introduce you to the 9 planetary boundaries, enabling you to map them and understand their interactions so that you can consider the ecological issue as a whole. In this sense, it is broader and more comprehensive than the “climate fresk”, offering a global and scientifically proven perspective on the different aspects of ecology and their impacts.

The “Planetary Frontiers Fresco” workhop is available in English and French.

"CSR Fresco" workshop
(Corporate Social Responsibility)

This collaborative workshop looks at all the company’s activities, their impacts and the levers for achieving sustainability. For each of the company’s activities, participants have the opportunity to link and discuss the different aspects of CSR policy, namely Environmental, Social and Governance (often summarised by the acronym ESG). All this is done without forgetting the economic aspects, which are essential to a company’s sustainability. 

The CSR Fresco is engaging. The final part of the workshop enables everyone to take action and make a useful contribution to the transformation of the company. By organising a CSR fresco, you will be contributing to a positive, ethical and sustainable company, and you too will become an agent of change. 

The “CSR Fresco” is currently only available in English and French.

The Agri'Food Collage

Based on the same principle as the other “fresco” workshops, this collaborative workshop traces the entire food circuit from field to plate and its evolution over time from hunter-gatherers to the present day. You’ll learn how society has gradually intensified and globalised agriculture. The Agri’Alim fresco gives you a better understanding of the challenges facing our agricultural and food model, its benefits and its drawbacks. Above all, it provides an opportunity to get together and discuss the actions we need to take to meet these challenges.

The final part of the workshop gives everyone the chance to propose actions. By organising an Agri’Alim fresco, you’ll be helping to raise awareness of the challenges posed by our agri-food model, as well as discussing possible solutions.

The “Agri’Food Collage” is available in English and French.

"The Week" workshop

The Week

“The Week” is an experience for groups of 4 to 10 participants, to really appreciate what is at stake in this crisis and how we can tackle it. Your group meets 3 times for 2 hours during the same week – hence the name “The Week”. Each time, the group watches a one-hour documentary film together, and then exchanges views after each episode for about an hour, in the presence of a facilitator. The experience has a profound effect on even the most sceptical. 

“The Week” workshop is available in English, French and Dutch.

Other tailor-made conferences and workshops

In consultation with the client, Circle Dev can also organise a workshop or conference on a specific theme, for example on an ESG topic particularly related to your organisation’s core business. We have a large database of presentations covering all areas of corporate sustainability, including environmental, social and governance aspects.

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Circle Dev supports the development of your Sustainability Strategy